Diamond Dealer Claims Boss Harassed,
Tormented Her, Sues for Big $$$

A woman working for an international diamond dealer is suing the
company and one of its bosses for what she claims is an executive’s
“demented fixation” on her and his long-running campaign to get her fired…

New York Daily News

Confidential Settlement Ends
Comedian’s Legal-Mal Suit
Against Gordon Rees

Comedian Terry Hodges sued Gordon Rees
and four partners over claims the firm
dumped him and tricked him into dismissing
his lawsuit against firm client
Netflix when they discovered the conflict.


Comedian Terry Hodges:
Lawyers Screwed Me in Chris Tucker

Suit Just to Protect Netflix

Comedian Terry Hodges wants his double-crossing
lawyers to pay for deceiving him into
dropping Netflix from a major lawsuit …
according to the new lawsuit he’s filing against them.


Federal Court Affirms “Journalist Privilege”
Applies to Amnesty International

The U.S. District Court’s ruling is the first known
court decision holding that the protection from
disclosure available to journalists is available
to a rights group such as Amnesty International.*

USA Today
The New York Times

50 Cent Sues Taco Bell for $4 Million

“Simply put, Taco Bell knew that it would likely have had to pay Jackson a multi-million-dollar fee to get his endorsement, even if he had agreed to do it — which is in doubt,” says the suit, which was filed by … Peter D. Raymond and Wallace B. Neel. “Rather than face rejection or pay fair value, Taco Bell chose to steal his endorsement and to enjoy all the publicity of being associated with a mega-star while bearing none of the costs.” *

The Wall Street Journal

Feds: Weinstein Fraud Case under Further Federal Probe

Wallace Neel, a New York City lawyer who represents a consortium of investors suing Weinstein for $6 million, said the subpoenas were issued in an effort to find Weinstein’s assets after the judgment was issued. “We’re anxious to see what the government can come up with in terms of assets,” he said.*

Asbury Park Press

*Matter handled prior to Wallace Neel PLLC