Represented domestic affiliate of Asian solar panel manufacturer
in International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) arbitration
and successfully defeated Emergency Measures request.
Party names withheld


Represented entertainer and writer in suit against
AmLaw 100 law firm that had represented him in a suit
against its own client, Netflix, Inc., and then advised him
to dismiss Netflix from the case; settled confidentially.
Terry Hodges v Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani LLP,
Case No 16EV004768 (State Court, Fulton County, Ga.)


Represented defunct UK media company, domestic
subsidiary, and director in defense of suit by former
vendors and employees for alleged amounts due during
wind-up.  Morse v LoveLive TV US, Inc., Index No. 650110/2017
(Supreme Ct., New York County)


Represented app-creation entity which was shut-down
by Google Play in effort to restore service;
successfully restored Google Play listing.


Represented foreign fund in pursuit of fraudulent conveyance of
multi-million dollar loan; settled confidentially; malfeasant was later 
imprisoned after pleading guilty, and then pardoned by President Donald J. Trump.  CVL Real Estate Holdings LLC v Eliyahu Weinstein, 602868/07 (Supreme Ct., New York County)*


Represented patent holder for curtainwall technology and affiliated consulting company in defense of allegations that curtainwall leaked on 85 Manhattan condominiums; won summary judgment from Appellate Division dismissing plaintiffs’ claims.   Board of Mgrs of the A Building v. 13th & 14th St. Realty LLC, et al., Index No. 100061/2011 (Supreme Ct., New York County)


Represented fund in action to recover portfolio of
life insurance policies pledged as collateral from downstream
 recipients of fraudulent conveyances of policies; settled confidentially. Amer. Nat’l Ins. Co. v ALS Capital Ventures LLC,
Case No. 13-CV-62036 (U.S.D.C., S.D. Fla)


Represented trustee of “New York’s Taxi King” during
 Adversary Proceeding in the latter’s bankruptcy in
U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Citibank N.A. v Bombshell Taxi LLC, et al.,
5-AP-01185 (CEC) (U.S.B.C., E.D.N.Y.)


Represented fund in pursuit of personal guarantee
of defalcated loan; settled confidentially.
Genesis Merch. Ptnrs LP v Eugene Weiss,
FSTCV 11-6012031 S (Conn. Superior Ct.)


Represented sole LLC member against plaintiff who claimed he was her “partner” and demanded split of profits; settled confidentially. Elliott v BredauIndex No. 608254/2017 (Supreme Court, Suffolk County)


Represented tanning salon business in dispute with landlord;
settled confidentially.  1276 Lex Owner LLC v Beach Bum
Tanning, LLC,
14-CV-10013 (U.S.D.C. S.D.N.Y.)


Represented client whose attorney refused to return her
escrowed funds upon demand; won summary judgment
commanding release of funds.  Matthews First & Cooley PLLC
v Sag Harbor Pooh et al, Index No. 603757/2019
(Supreme Court, Suffolk County)


Represented members of restaurant LLC in action for
books-and-records access and in attempt to disqualify attorneys; settled confidentially
Huy Chi Le v Japond Restaurant LLC (aka BondST), Index No. 150812/2020
(Supreme Ct., New York County)


Represented principals of managed fund throughout
spin-off negotiations with parent fund.


Represented entertainers in dispute with
Saturday Night Live concerning similarity
of SNL skits to their copyrighted works.


Represented purchasers of web-based ad optimization
company in suit against individuals at seller for breach of
covenant not to compete after the sale. Spigot Inc. v Hoggatt,
Case No. 2:18-cv-00764-JES-CM (U.S.D.C. M.D. Fla.)


Represented Amnesty International in fending-off subpoena
for operative’s notes gathered during interviews of prisoners
by first-ever application of journalist privilege to human
rights group. Lonegan v Hasty, CV-04-2743 (U.S.D.C. E.D.N.Y)*

Represented mogul and hip-hop artist in trademark and
name/image/likeness action against major fast-food chain.
Curtis James Jackson III pka 50 Cent v Taco Bell Corp.,
No. 08 CV 6545 (U.S.D.C. S.D.N.Y.)*

Represented fund against major bank in AAA arbitration concerning Asian real estate holding company.*

Represented major Japanese industrial concern in defense of
multi-state class actions by antitrust plaintiffs for alleged price-

*Matter handled prior to Wallace Neel PLLC